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I offer a full range of instructional services, from large-group lectures to individual tutoring and training in piano technology. 2013 found me teaching at piano technician gatherings in Phoenix, Chicago, and Victoria, BC.
In February, 2014, I'll teach two sessions and provide individual tutoring at the WestPac regional conference in San Francisco.
In July, 2014, I'll teach four sessions at the PTG Annual Convention and Technical Institute in Atlanta.

Check out my latest book:
Under the Lid: The Art and Craft of the Concert Piano Technician

For more information about learning to tune and service pianos, please send me an email at

Steve Brady teaching a class at the PTG Annual Convention in Grand Rapids, MI, July, 2009

Links to Class Outlines

Tuning Techniques for Stability and Speed

What Difference Does it Make?

Grand Action Rejuvenation

The Full-Service Approach to Piano Maintenance

Under the Lid

Regulating For the Artist

The Art of Tone Regulation

Zen and the Art of Concert Prep